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Nurses beat doctor in Bihar`s hospital – Watch


BIHAR: A video of nurses beating up a doctor in Bihar surfaced on Saturday after it was alleged that the doctor had molested one of the trainee nurses in Katihar’s hospital.

In the video, the nurses can be seen outraging the accused doctor, beating him with shoes. ANI released the video on Twitter. 

#WATCH: Nurses of a hospital in Katihar beat up a doctor who allegedly molested a female medical staff. #Bihar

— ANI (@ANI) September 16, 2018

One man can be seen intervening in the situation but fails to do so. 

The incident took place in Katihar’s Sadar hospital where the doctor was alleged to have molested a second-year trainee nurse. He was beaten up by the nurses in the civil chamber. 

The victim was in shock after the incident and was admitted to the hospital after she couldn’t recover from the trauma. 

The accused, a civil surgeon, is currently absconding. 

The police was deployed in the hospital and the district administration had to intervene with a team to control the situation. Soon after, the hospital was filled with the police. 

The officials have said that they will take a stock of the situation and the matter will be investigated. 

The officials will look at the CCTV footage to investigate the matter and the accused will be punished.

Source: Zee News