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No party for old men? Ex Meghalaya CM DD Lapang says Congress phasing out seniors


New Delhi: In a major embarrassment for Congress, former Meghalaya chief minister and veteran leader DD Lapang resigned from the party on Thursday stating that ‘seniors are being phased out.’

Beginning his political journey from humble origins – he was a labourer, Lapang rose up the ranks to become the second chief minister of Meghalaya. He was in office for a little over a year between 1992 and 1993, returning as CM in 2003 and in 2007 for longer terms. His last term as CM was in 2009.

His resignation and the reason for it is likely to jolt Congress.

A statement released by Lapang said that the party is turning away from senior leaders. “Lately, AICC has been embarking on a policy of phasing out seniors and elderly people. In my opinion it means that their service and contribution is no longer useful to the party.”

The 84-year-old did also express his gratitude for having been part of a party that had removed him as state president in December of last year.

Source: Zee News