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Two more Pak fishing boats seized by BSF in Sir Creek area off Gujarat coast

A day after an abandoned Pakistani fishing from Sir Creek in Kutch district on the Indo-Pak border, two more boats from the neighbouring country were seized on Wednesday by the Border Security Force (BSF) from the same area, officials said.

“These two boats were abandoned in Pabewari Creek near Sir Creek by Pakistani fishermen, who fled into Pak territory after being chased by a BSF patrol party,” a senior BSF official said.

During the operation, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deployed there by the Indian Air Force (IAF), spotted the presence of these Pakistani fishermen in the Indian territory of the creek, following which BSF was alerted about it, the official added.

“Though BSF patrol boats chased them for a considerable distance, these fishermen eventually managed to flee into their territory after abandoning two of their boats that have been seized by BSF for further investigation,” the official added.

The search operation in the area was launched by BSF after five to six Pakistani fishermen fled away after abandoning their boats in Sir Creek area last evening, although nothing suspicious was found in that boat, the official said.

Pakistani fishing boats are found in creek area at regular intervals. Earlier, such abandoned boats were found in Padala Creek and Haraminala area by the BSF.

Source: HindustanTimes