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CBSE students will earn grades in Class 10 by practising yoga, showing patrioti…

Class 10 students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be given grades for practising yoga or showing patriotism from the next academic year.

The board in a notification issued on Tuesday stated that the students would be assessed on a five-point grading scale (A-E) for co-scholastic activities such as yoga, martial arts, sports, NCC among others. Students can opt for any of these under health and physical education category.

The grading will be reflected in the mark sheets. However, it will not impact the overall result.

“Students should be provided opportunities to get professionally trained in the areas of their interest. Indigenous sports, yoga and NCC must be encouraged in the schools to create a sense of physical fitness, discipline, sportsmanship, patriotism, self-sacrifice and health care,” reads the notification.

The marks for this component will be awarded by the physical education teacher.

In the board exams 80% weightage would be given to the written test while 20% will be given to the school’s internal assessment.

Last year, the governing body of the CBSE had approved a proposal to bring back compulsory Class 10 board exams. The board has 18000 schools affiliated to it.

CBSE affiliated schools have been asked to conduct three periodic written tests in an academic year and the average of the best two will be considered and will account for 10 marks.

Students will also get marks for timely submission of notes and assignments and neatness of the notebook. Neatness and upkeep of the notebooks will carry 5 marks.

“This is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topics being taught in the classroom and completing assignments. This will also address the critical aspects of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep,” the board said.

Another component included in the co-scholastic areas is discipline. This will take into account attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values.

“Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and it helps build character. Sincerity, good behaviour and values develop strength and foster unity and co-operation. Therefore, the element of discipline has been introduced,” it said.

Class teachers will be grading the students on a five point scale on the subject.

Source: HindustanTimes