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Justice Katju Targets Politicians, Calls Them 'Goondas' With no 'Patriotism'

Thiruvananthapuram: Former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju has hit out at politicians once again, calling them the “goondas” who have neither the “genuine love” nor the “patriotism” towards the country.

Speaking at a programme organised to commemorate the death anniversary of former editor of Asianet News, T N Gopakumar in Thiruvananthapuram, Katju said: “Most of the politicians are a set of goondas… Their aim is to grab power and make money,” adding that the people were in the hands of “hooligans” and “dacoits”.

Asianet news has also instituted an award in the name of Gopakumar, which was conferred upon Dr M R Rajagopal, chairman of Pallium India.

Questioning the manner in which Indian politicians run the day-to-day affairs, Katju asked if the democracy was supposed to be run in this manner, where “the merit of the candidate is not looked into but just his caste”.

“The interest of our politicians is diametrically opposite to the interest of the nation. The interest of the politicians is to win next elections by hook or crook,” he said.

Taking aim at politicians who repeatedly indulge in “communal and caste politics”, Katju lambasted them saying they appeal to caste and “communal forces” instead of “destroying casteism and feudalism” for the interest of the nation.

“Politicians are not allowing us to go forward because they have to win elections and they have to appeal to feudalism and casteism,” he said.

Shedding light on the state of the people of India, Katju said: “The real condition in India is that there is massive poverty. 75 to 80 percent are living terrible lives of poverty. “There is massive unemployment and massive child malnourishment.”

Katju, who is famous for his forthright criticism of religion, politics and at times even judiciary on Facebook, rooted for televised proceedings of selection of judges for High Court and the apex court, saying “it would ensure more transparency in the selection for higher judiciary”.

“People of the country have the right to know who are going to become the judges,” he said, adding, “Prominent lawyers should be asked to put forward the questions to collegium.”

Taking a critical stand on the media ownership and its coverage, he said: “Many of the media outlets have been taken over by big business houses… They don’t bother people’s welfare anymore.”

Describing how the media oscillates between the two principal parties, Congress and BJP, depending who is in power, he said: “When the government changes, the media becomes pro-Congress; when there is a BJP government, the media becomes pro-BJP… Media starts dancing to the tune of the central government.”