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Bittu is taking on the two most talked-about


personalities in Punjab elections. “The people of Jalalabad are waiting to get rid of Sukhbir Badal. He has not only destroyed Jalalabad in ten years but entire Punjab as well.

People of Jalalabad have already decided to throw him out this time,” he says.

“I am here not as an outsider but as a clean politician whom people want to bring the change. As far as Mann is concerned, he is a good orator and a popular comedian but that is not enough to run a government,” he tells a gathering at Bhmanwali village.

He also hits out at AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, saying he “can’t be trusted as he had earlier dumped Anna Hazare.” “One popular face (Mann) is not what people’s votes will be based on,” he says adding, “these are not Lok Sabha elections that Mann can pull off easily based on his popularity. No doubt Mann is a crowd puller and excellent artist but not my main competitor”.

“Mann and Sukhbir have not worked on issues such as drug menace the way I have,” he says. “At one time Punjab produced the likes of Dara Singh and Milkha Singh, but now youths are getting into drug addiction due to flawed policies of Akalis,” he says.

He said the Guru Granth Sahib was desecrated and not a single person was arrested.

“Drugs and family businesses of Badals have been created by looting Punjab. It will now be a contest between a profit making business family who looted Punjab to make their own Sukhvillas vs grandson of a martyr who laid his life for Punjab,” he said.

Trashing the view of political opponents that he is a ‘parachute’ candidate, he said, “People know that Congress is the only option to get rid of Badals and they will choose me”.

Mann too being a star campaigner of AAP has to move out of his Assembly seat to canvass for his party candidates in other constituencies.

Here in his absence the fort is being handled by Mohinder Kurchey, Jaskirat Kaur, Rajinder Mann and several others of a big team constituted by Mann for canvassing for him in Jalalabad.

“The claims of ushering an era of development in Jalalabad in last six years are hollow. Mere low-quality concrete structures were raised in the name of multi-purpose stadium, college and other buildings. There was large-scale corruption in this so-called development. The stadium doesn’t have sports coaches, college lacks the staff; thus defeating the purpose,” says Mann.

He says despite being the home minister of the state, Sukhbir failed to ensure law and order in his constituency.

(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)