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Pune Infosys techie murder: Suspect guard tried to commit suicide, police say sympathy…

A security guard arrested for allegedly murdering an Infosys employee has told Pune Police he tried to commit suicide after strangling the female engineer but changed his mind at the last minute.

But officials dismissed his statement, saying the guard was trying to create sympathy for himself and pointed to signs that he had planned the murder in advance.

Bhaben Saikia, 26, was picked up on Monday, hours after the software professional, Rasila Raju OP, was at her workplace in Hinjewadi IT park near Pune.

Saikia confessed to the crime and said he went to the roof of the building to fling himself off the terrace but reconsidered when he saw security officials on the ground, officials reported.

He also said he called up his mother in Assam, told her about the crime and surrendered after her advice to do the same.

But police officials said there was no need to take the statement at face value and that Saikia showed no signs of remorse of stress.

“Saikia is accused of murder. He may say that whatever he wants to, we don’t need to take his statements on the face value,” said assistant commissioner of police Vaishali Jadhav.

She pointed out that Saikia “patiently” competed his duty hours after strangulating Rasila. “Later, he tried to flee at Assam when we caught him at CST in Mumbai,” said Jadhav.

Police said Rasila, a native of Kozhikode in Kerala, was killed by Saikia in a fit of rage after arguments broke out between the two.

According to police officials, Saikia was staring at Rasila, who threatened to complain against him. Under the fear of being fired, Saikia initially requested Rasika not to complain. When the latter did not listen, Saikia killed her, police said.

Source: HindustanTimes