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Tarigami bats for CM headed APD for dialogue on Kashmir


CPI(M) MLA M Y Tarigami today batted strongly for setting up of an all party delegation headed by the Chief Minister to meet the Prime Minister and urge him to initiate dialogue with all stake holders in Kashmir, including separatists.

During the discussion of grants of Home Ministry in the Assembly, he suggested government and opposition parties to build consensus over forming the delegation of representatives of all political parties.

During the debate on the motion of grants over departments under Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Tarigami said, “We as public representatives should build a consensus and constitute a delegation led by Chief Minister which could meet the Prime Minister and impress upon him to initiate dialogue with stake holders in Kashmir, including separatists.” “Members from all parties have made speeches in this House regarding development, good governance and peace. Can we achieve the results by delivering speeches only? Time and again bloodshed is happening in Kashmir and jails are full. Can we afford same speeches again and again,” he questioned.

Stating that when a delegation led by all opposition parties met President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the 2016 unrest, they, conveyed to the two leaders about the nature and intensity of the crisis in Kashmir.

“Even, both the President and the Prime Minister acknowledged the nature and intensity of unrest. I ask all my colleagues does this House has any solution to end the bloodshed?” he said.

Tarigami said Kashmir can not be seen as a development issue.

“All of us know how many people became victims of pellet guns during the unrest and how many fell to the bullets.

Normalcy and peace can t be restored by force. If we have to treat the real disease, then our army and security forces have to be realigned and sent to borders,” he suggested.

The CPI(M) MLA asked the government why different commissions meant for good governance in the state were headless.

“God knows about the fate of police reforms which had been initiated long ago,” he said.

Tarigami also highlighted the issue of SPOs who died during militancy.

“The families of these poor people have not been covered under SRO which is unfortunate. If a civilian dies in militancy related incident his family gets job under SRO. Even surrendered militants are covered under this scheme, then why discrimination with SPOs,” he questioned.

(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)