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Bizarre: Haryana man feels cold in summers, sweats during winters


New Delhi: At a time when most parts of north India have been reeling under an intense heat wave, he walked around with a thick blanket tightly wrapped around him. For Santram, it is outrightly freezing!

Santram’s condition may seem bizarre to many but locals in Deroli village in Haryana’s Mahendragarh are now too used to seeing him dressed contrary to what the season is. So, during the summer months, he lights up fire and won’t leave home without a shawl or blanket wrapped around his body. News agency ANI reports that it is exactly opposite during the winter months when he is found usually in a loose-fitting cotton kurta. He claims he even eats ice during the cold season to, well, feel cold.

Fellow villagers say they have seen Santram following this pattern since his childhood years and while they have no explanation, are now completely accustomed to it.

According to common medical knowledge though, the body constantly generates and loses heat. Broadly, it is because the body is not able to quickly lose heat it produces during summer months, one feels hot. The converse is true for winter months when the body shivers. Shivering is, to put it simply, muscles tightening and loosening quickly to produce more heat than what is being lost.

Source: Zee News