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Faced problems while taking a flight? Tell us!

Have you tried to change a flight recently?

Or cancel a flight ticket?

Or had to deal with indifferent — even rude — airline staff?

Indian aviation may be booming. Udan may be a reality soon, but when it comes to travelling by air, we all have our horror stories.

Data released by the ministry of civil aviation from its revamped AirSewa app shows that close to 2,000 grievances about flight delays and 902 grievances about check-in and boarding were registered between November 26, 2016, and June 5, 2018.

Over 1,600 complaints related to air fares and refunds, 315 complaints related to seating areas in airports and 295 complaints related to cleanliness and hygiene were reported by the AirSewa app.

Have you faced these, or any other problems while taking a flight?

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Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/

Source: Rediff