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Bhayyuji Maharaj suicide note`s second page found, reins of Ashram handed over to close aide


Indore: The contents of second page of Bhayyuji Maharaj’s suicide note was released by the police on Wednesday afternoon. On this page, the spiritual guru left all his affairs and the Suryoday Ashram to his close associate Vinayak.

“All my powers of finance, properties, bank of account all power of signing authorities will be Vinayak because I am having trust in Vinayak. I am wanting this thing without any pressure or anybody’s because I am not the (sic)”

The first page of the note has said, “Somebody should be there to handle duties of family. I am leaving, to much stressed out. Fed up (sic).” 

It seems that moments before his death, Bhayyuji scribbed a suicide note on a small pad. 

Authorities have refused to divulge is there are more pages of the suicide note. 

Conspiracy theories emerge around Bhayyuji Maharaj’s suicide shock

The high-profile spiritual guru shot himself dead with a gun on Tuesday in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district. He reportedly committed the suicide in his daughter’s room around 1 pm.

The model-turned-godman had a legion of followers which included top politicians and Bollywood artists.

Bhayyuji married twice. His first wife Madhavi died in November 2015. He married his second wife Ayushi in 2017. His 18-year-old daughter Kuhu from his first marriage lives in Pune.

According to emerging reports, his daughter has accused Ayushi of creating troubles and even went to extent of blaming her for the suicide. Ayushi has denied all allegations, and instead blamed the daughter for troubles. 

The last rites of Madhya Pradesh-based spiritual leader is currently being held.

His body has been kept in the Suryoday Ashram so that his followers could catch a last glimpse of the model-turned-spiritual guru. His 18-year-old daughter Kuhu would perform the last rites, family sources said.

CCTV footage from showed Bhayyuji meeting his wife Ayushi at a restaurant in Indore 23 hours before his death. The duo seemed be immersed in an intense discussion. Later, Bhayyuji left the restaurant alone.

While Bhayyuji clearly indicated that he was stressed in the suicide note, sources have told Zee Media that there was discontent in family life, without revealing the reasons behind.

There was allegedly a property dispute between the families of the first wife and second wife, though details of it are sketchy. 

In yet another allegation, sources stated that Bhayyuji’s was under immense pressure to join Bharatiya Janata Party. Earlier this year, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had offered him the position of a state minister, but Bhayyuji turned him down. 

Source: Zee News