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Congress chief ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh has warned that Punjab will face a crisis similar to the 80?s which saw the emergence of the Khalistani movement, a Sikh nationalist movement demanding an independent state for Sikh people, if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) comes to power in the state.

Singh alleged that the AAP cadre is accepting money from separatists under the veil of support. He said that with this, they are also accepting the extremist ideology.

Underlining the fact that it is the Naxals, extremists and Khalistanis who are joining the AAP bandwagon, Singh expressed fear that if Kejriwal comes in to power, Punjab will again witness the unrest of the 80?s crisis which killed around 35,000 Punjabis.

?I agree the separatist?s money has flown in Kejriwal?s kitty via NRI?s. I am not bothered about the money. I am more concerned with the ideology which is coming along (with) the money. Naxals, extremists, and Khalistanis are joining them, this is the situation we had in 80?s when 35,000 Punjabis died,? said Singh in an exclusive interview to ANI.

?I was the MP from Patiala at that time, I saw things getting deteriorated, I saw bloodshed, I don?t want that to happen again to Punjab,? he added.

Dubbing Kejriwal as ?imprudent?, Singh said the Delhi Chief Minister is only interested in building up his support and is unable to comprehend what lies in the future when the extremists, who he is welcoming now, will become more powerful and may even oust him.

?He is only interested in support and he is taking extreme left and extreme right. A time will come they will throw him out and you will see these militants emerging as leaders,? said Singh.

Further assuring that he will always fight for the state, Singh added,? If Punjab slips in to crisis again, I will fight.?

(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)