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“For the death of one person during his tenure, you


demanded judicial probe and now when such a large number of people have lost their lives you are giving the charge of the probe to police only. Please tell me how justified is this,” Omar said.

On the issue of Agenda of Alliance, he said, “There is no difference between your speech in last year with this year.

You have been always justifying why we have done this on the plea that it accommodates every aspects of Jammu and Kashmir.

“There is no objection to your Agenda of Alliance. Nobody in this house has raised any objection on this. We have never raised any objection on its contents but we have raised question on its delivery.”

Omar said, “We have said that you have shown the people your Agenda of Alliance but failed to deliver it on the ground. We don’t want to go into details where from you have brought which point of its agenda.”

“When you entered into the alliance with BJP and you said that we have entered into the alliance to get Rs 40,000 crores relief for flood affected people, where is that relief I want to question you? You have yourself accepted in Assembly and Council that you have failed to provide relief to flood affected people”, he added.

“Naturally questions would be raised on Agenda of Alliance. Tell me which point of these agendas would you implemented on the ground during last two years,” he said.

“As per my information, there is nothing such aspect seen on the ground. You are not running the government as per the Agenda of Alliance. If you would have been running the state as per the Agenda of Alliance there would have not a situation erupted like six months long unrest”, the NC chief said.

Taking a dig on the Deputy Chief Minister’s remarks about Burhan’s killing, he said, “You are creating a confusion in the security forces particularly police force.” On the issue of Mehbooba called soft to separatists, Omar said, “Before you took over the Chief Minister you have been doubted as soft to separatists by some quarters and soft to militants as well. But you proved them wrong by hundred per cent”.

“The number of militants killed by security forces in 2016 has been hardly eliminated in such a large number in previous years since 2008”, he added.

Omar said “It is impossible that you are inclined to be soft to separatists. If you would have been soft to separatists and militants, it was impossible that such a large number of militants would have been killed in 2016”.

(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)