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Anti-social elements used Osama Bin Laden’s photo to fan violence: TN CM on jallikattu protests

Speaking in the assembly on Friday following the jallikattu agitation, TN CM O Panneerselvam said that many anti-social elements had tried to hijack the peaceful protest by students.

He even claimed the government has evidence that Osama Bin Laden’s picture was used by the protesters to incite violence.

The Tamil Nadu CM made the following points:

The government explained to students the steps it was taking to allow jallikattu, but they refused to give up the protest.

Led by anti-social elements, the silent protest descended into chaos. In the ensuring violence, the protestors burnt down the Ice House police station including police vehicles and caused damage to public property as well.

An unlawful group crossed the barricades and tried to go towards the beach. When the police tried to stop them, the mob threw stones at them.                         

Police asked an anti-social group which had gathered at Nadu Kuppam to disperse but despite repeated requests, they failed to listen. So, police were forced to use tear gas shells to control the crowd.                         

Several people took to violence despite police warning. On Poonamallee road, a government vehicle was attacked, while in Arumbakkam, unlawful elements attacked policemen.                       

It is because the police used tear gas shells that the safety of the public was ensured.                         

Nineteen police vehicles were set on fire by arsonists and 66 cases were filed in Chennai.

In Madurai and Kovai, people dispersed after heeding the advice of the police. Four government drivers and 27 policemen were reportedly injured. The police did not resort to firing but only mild force was used.

The CM reiterated that anti-social elements had ruined the euphoria of victory.

Meanwhile, the Opposition alleged police excess and the government said that a necessary investigation will be carried out.

Source: The News Minute