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Kaabil Review: It's all about Hrithik!

Sukanya Verma gives us a quick review of Kaabil.

When a plot is as predictable as Kaabil, it needs skillful deception to engage. 

But Sanjay Gupta’s retribution drama, powered by Hrithik Roshan’s steady intensity and a solid supporting cast, doesn’t pull off anything extraordinary with its visually challenged contrivance except whip up as many puns possible. From blind date to blind justice, it’s all there. 

The trigger point of his revenge may be a issue that plagues the country to disturbing levels but it serves nothing beyond an unabashed platform to vaunt a seething Hrithik, sentimental Hrithik, sarcastic Hrithik, sly Hrithik or spry Hrithik. 

Only haven’t we already seen these avatars in far more accomplished films and forms? 

Watch this space for the full Kaabil review in just a bit!

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