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Ludhiana: Four die in car crash as onlookers take pictures and videos for social media

In our excitement to get likes and shares on social media, we tend to forget basic human courtesy when someone needs help. In most cases, this lack of empathy has resulted in tragic consequences, such like the case of a road accident in Ludhiana on January 6.

Facebook user Asavari Bhardwaj put up an emotional post earlier this month, soon after her cousin sister and four of her friends were killed in a road accident. Bharadwaj feels that if onlookers had helped the victims instead of taking pictures and videos and sharing them on social media, her cousin may have still been alive.

“On January 6, my family got the biggest shock of our life. My sister (Mamaji’s daughter) along with 3 other kids lost their lives in a major car accident in Ludhiana. I really don’t have words to describe the grief. But what makes it worse is that people and media have all kinds of things to talk about. Everyone at the site were clicking pictures and making videos and posting on social media, but not a single person came to their help. Our lives are being governed by social media. Likes and shares are more important to us. I urge everyone to please teach their kids to drive safe and please help those in need. We must comfort the ones who have lost their loves ones not put them through more pain (sic),” she wrote.