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How PM Narendra Modi is managing fight against black money through this `secret war room` from PMO

New Delhi: After his demonetisation decision on Nov 8, PM Narendra Modi has declared an open fight against black money holders.

Every day there is some news or the other about money seized by Income Tax, Enforcement Directorate and CBI officials after raids.

Now, you must be wondering how PM Narendra Modi is managing this fight against black money.

This special report reveals how PM Modi is managing it from a ‘secret war room’.

PM Modi has constituted a special team to take action against black money holders.

This team monitors phone calls and emails from PMO. It is comprised of director-level officers.

PMO gets at least 20 phone calls every day. Over 700 calls have been received so far after Nov 8 demonetisation move by PM Narendra Modi.

And, the most interesting part of this fight against black money is that common people are sharing ‘secret’ information with PMO. 

WATCH detailed video report here:-

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Source: Zee News