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Jersey bulls in Chennai airport: Part of jallikattu conspiracy?

With protests against the ban on jallikattu gaining momentum, social media is filled with memes, posters and videos about the issue.

One of the videos that’s being widely shared shows a consignment of cattle arriving at an airport. The video has been shared by several social media users, alleging that this is part of a corporate conspiracy to replace Tamil Nadu’s indigenous breeds with foreign ones.

Remember that many people support jallikattu on the grounds that without the traditional sport, indigenous cattle breeds will die out and be replaced by foreign breeds in the process. Supporters of jallikattu claim that the number of native cattle breeds in India have dwindled from around 130 a century ago, to just around 37 today.

Unless the traditional cattle breeders are supported with sports like jallikattu, they say, there will be no incentive for anyone to not switch to commercial breeds. (Read: Do people who want jallikattu banned not care about our indigenous cattle?)

On the video of the Jersey bulls arriving in Chennai, comments like “This has been done by those who hate our race” are gaining traction. Some have even compared the scene to Jurassic Park in which a dinosaur arrives by cargo secretly!

But does the footage really have to do anything with the ongoing jallikattu battle in the state?

The News Minute contacted an official at the cargo department in Chennai Airport. According to him, the cargo containing 59 live bulls of the Jersey breed arrived at the Chennai airport at 6.40 pm by Qatar cargo. They were meant for the National Dairy Board at Anand, Gujarat. Not for Tamil Nadu.

The bulls were cleared to leave the airport at 9 pm by customs.


Source: The News Minute