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Congress hails PM Modi's Raisina dialogue, welcomes his foreign policy

Hailing Prime Minister Narendra , India’s flagship geo-political conference, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday said that he has no ideological disagreement with the former on foreign policy, adding that hosting delegates from 65 countries is healthy affair from national point of view.

“On foreign policy, we believe in speaking for the nation rather than on any party. I even tweeted during the speech that I agreed with Modi’s avocation of Buddhism, Ayurveda and yoga as part of India’s offerings to the world. I am very glad that this is part of doctrine of the country. I honestly don’t think it is such a departure for the past, if you compare the Modi doctrine and Manmohan doctrine, they are the same, which is that the foreign policy must serve the India’s development and transformation. So I have no real ideological disagreement with the statement,” Tharoor told ANI.

The Congress leader further said that such international initiatives and conferences should be conducted more in India.

“I think this was a very welcome initiative. I have long been an advocate of more international events that place India very visibly on the world map. It is very healthy thing from national point of view that we are able to host delegates from 65 countries in Delhi and open a perspective on the world, which of course is the perspective of the current government,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday in the second edition of the Raisina dialogue said that USA and India will be keep on building the relationship further in regard to the strategic partnership and also pointed out that Russia is an abiding friend and the partnership between the old allies has deepened.

“In my conversation with President elect Donald Trump, we agreed to keep building on these gains in our strategic partnership and Russia is an abiding friend. ( Russian President Vladimir) Putin and I have held long talks on the challenges that confront the world today. Our partnership in defence has deepened. The emphasis on energy and trade has shown results,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also highlighted the relations between India and China, saying that it is not unnatural for two large neighbouring powers to have some differences.

“In the management of our relationship and for peace and progress, we need to show sensitivity and respect for our core concerns. I see the development of India and China as an unprecedented opportunity, for our two countries and for the whole world,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi told the 69 nations participating in the three-day dialogue that reforms would not be enough “unless it transforms economy and society”.

He said for his government, this means a “path of international engagement” — focussed on “restoring bridges, shaping relationships, making India human resource to be reckoned with”.

More than 250 representatives of 65 nations are participated in the second Raisina dialogue.

With a theme of “New Normal: Multi-lateralism with Multi-Polarity”, the meet organised annually by the Observer Research Foundation(ORF) in association with the Ministry of External Affairs, is focusing on deliberate on strategic issues including new challenges and cyber security.

Source: HindustanTimes