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Thuglak Conclave: Modi and Rajini praise Cho, Gurumurthy vows to speak up against Sasikala

Despite not having very high readership, Thuglak magazine in Tamil Nadu launched by political observer Cho Ramaswamy in 1970 has held high influence over the mind of its readers, especially, among the Tamil Brahmin community. Following Cho’s death, RSS ideologues and Chartered Accountant S Gurumurthy has now taken over as its Editor. At the 47th anniversary of the magazine and its annual conclave held in Chennai on Saturday, Cho, who passed away in December, came under much praise.

Even as Tamil superstar Rajinikanth and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking from Delhi on video conference, praised Cho, Gurumurthy vowed not to remain silent as the AIADMK also took to family-driven politics as Sasikala took over.

Although he did not say it directly, Gurumurthy hinted at it, stating, “One party in Tamil Nadu was always under family politics. Now the other one is also taking to it. And I will not remain silent against it.”

Recalling several anecdotes about Cho, Rajini talked about how intelligent and humorous he was. “Truth was his strength. He thought, wrote and spoke the truth. He was a mahaan,” Rajinikanth said, stating that he made us think and he entertained us.

S Gurumurthy also repeatedly referred to Cho and praised him for his intellect and humour.

Speaking at the event through a video conference, PM Narendra Modi said that he knew Cho for several years and that his death was a ‘personal loss’ for him. Calling him a multifaceted person, Modi pointed out that he never spared anyone from his commentary and criticism, even his closest friends. “Let us thank him for being the great Cho Ramaswamy, the one and only,” Modi said.

Source: The News Minute