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`If Pakistan continues ethnic cleansing, it will remain a hump called Punjab: Defence expert

New Delhi: Defence Expert Major General (Retired) P.K. Sehgal on Saturday said that if the Pakistan Army do not mend its way from ethnic cleansing then the country would be reduced to just a hump called Punjab as many regions are confronting and protesting against Islamabad.

“Now Pakhtunistan is rising up, Baluchistan rising up, Sindh rising up, Gilgit-Baltistan rising up, PoK rising up and if Pakistan does not mend its way then it will be reduced to a hump called Punjab. The writing on the wall is very clear that it is the Pakistani Government and their army to take the call,” he said.

Sehgal asserted that ethnic cleansing is going on in a major way in Pakistan as minority communities are being targeted which resulted in uprising against the state.

“They (Pakistani Army) have virtually killed in a major way the Hindus reducing from 22 percent to two percent and they have done same with Sikh community and with the Christian community and they are doing to the Shia community and same is being done against Pakhtuns,” he added.

Echoing similar sentiments, Major General (retired) S.R. Sinho said that Pakistan is doing a big mistake.”He has alleged that the Pakistan Army and terrorist organisation are involved in the game. I think Pakistan is making biggest mistake by doing this kind of thing,” he said.

Separatist Pashtun leader Umar Daud Khattak has warned that the Pakistan Army may soon use nuclear weapons to exterminate members of his community.

“Pakistan Army use heavy weapons against us. Pakistan had earlier used Pashtun people against the USSR and the Afghan Government, and it still wants to use them as terrorists, but we are not letting them do so. This is why Pakistan is bombing us,” Khattak claimed.

“We are building a Pashtunistan Liberation Army and will launch an armed struggle against Pakistan. We will seek the support of the international community. Terrorism is a threat, so, the world must support us, because the independence of Pashtuns will put an end to terror in this region,” he said.

He further alleged that at least 50 terror camps exist in Khyber Pahkhtunkwa, run by the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and added that the latter also recruits members from madrassas, run by the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiyat-ulema-e-Islam.

“They use these recruits against India and Afghanistan and some are also routed to Syria and other Middle East countries” Khattak added.

He also urged the international community to intervene as the Pakistan Army has turned a blind eye to the problems of the Pashtun community.

The Pashtuns are Pakistan`s third largest ethnic group and they have previously suffered at the hands of the Pakistani Taliban for seven continuous years.

Source: Zee News