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Portuguese PM is of Indian descent – Know more about him

New Delhi: Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa is currently in India.

For many who don’t know about him, he is of Indian descent actually from the land of Goa.

Here are some facts:

He was born in Mozambique in 1929 when it was still a Portuguese colony.

His pet name is babush, which means ‘little boy’ in Konkani.

His mother, Maria Antonia Palla, was a Portuguese journalist and his father, Orlando Da Costa, was an eminent writer of Goan, Portuguese and French descent.

He was elected the mayor of Lisbon three times and is known as Lisbon’s Gandhi because he moved his office to a poor drug and prostitution hub in the city in order to help improve it.

He became Prime Minister after his alliance toppled an 11-day-old conservative minority government.

He also enjoys football and portuguese folk music, called fado.

Source: Zee News