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Mamata Takes a Dig at PM Modi, Compares Him to Ravana

Kolkata: Virtually comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Ravana, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday declared that he would be “banned” by the people before any more bids to demonetise Indian currency.

Speaking at a sit-in protest organised by the Trinamool Congress before the Reserve Bank of India office against demonetisation of high value currency, Banerjee accused the Modi government of running a terror campaign to silence the opposition and alleged that a conspiracy was hatched to eliminate her in a plane crash as she was at the forefront of the anti-Modi protests.

In her characteristic aggressive speech pillorying Modi, Banerjee referred to his address to the nation on New Year’s eve, as she drew a parallel between him and demon king Ravana of the epic Ramayana.

“People waited before their television sets on New Year’s eve hoping the restrictions on cash withdrawals will end. But that was not to be. Instead, he gave a speech, clapping and clapping. This is a new technique of giving the speech, by clapping loudly. And then he claims that he has a broad chest and shoulders.

“Even Ravana has broad shoulders. And he also has ten heads. Why did you introduce Rs 2,000 notes after scrapping notes of Rs 1,000 denomination?”

“Now BJP people say after a few days even these Rs 2,000 notes will be banned. But before any such thing, Modi himself will be banned.”

In an apparent reference to an aircraft flying her on November 30 that hovered in the night sky for about 40 minutes near Kolkata airport, Banerjee claimed that it was an attempt to assassinate her.

“Even a conspiracy was hatched to kill me in a plane crash. Later they suspended two pilots. Air Traffic Control is putting the blame somewhere. Others are putting the blame elsewhere. Police are not getting any document to conduct a proper probe.

“They (the government) are dangerous. They can do anything and everything,” Banerjee said at the dharna, which her party launched on Monday.

“An unprecedented, pointless terror campaign is going on in the country,” said Banerjee.