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Man shares FB post about honest Delhi cop who returned his wallet

A Delhi policeman has become a hero because of his honesty. A Facebook post shared by Delhi businessman Jagpreet Singh highlights the honesty shown by sub-inspector Madan Singh and has been shared over 3,000 times since it was put up on January 8.

In his post, the businessman says he dropped his wallet that had Rs 50,000 in cash near Nizamuddin Khata on January 7. “I was pushing my car that had broken down in the middle of the road. When I returned home, I realised that my wallet was missing,” says Jagpreet in a post he wrote on the Delhi Traffic Police’s Facebook page.

Jagpreet then searched the car and his house, but could not find the wallet. “I then received a call from sub-inspector Madan Singh (id 6149) who told me he saw a cyclist picking up the wallet from the road. He apprehended the cyclist and realised that the wallet was not his. Madan Singh then took the wallet and found its contents. He also found my business card and telephoned me to inform that my wallet was with him. I immediately rushed to the spot and found that all the contents were there,” added Jagpreet.

When Jagpreet tried to reward the police officer, he politely declined to accept anything. “I am sharing his photograph to show people that there are good people in the police force who will always help us. I request that the Delhi police will appreciate this man’s honesty,” concluded Jagpreet.

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