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Happy Birthday Rahman: Songs that defined the Mozart of Madras

Music composer A R Rahman (File | PTI)

A R Rahman— the ‘Isai Puyal’— as he is fondly called in Tamil, is not called so without a reason. Calm and composed, this maestro turned 50 years old today. Quite unbelievable that he has turned 50, for the kind of music he creates that finds a place in the hearts of young and old alike.

An A R Rahman album release still being a festival for most of his fans, his compositions can be found everywhere— from clubs to marriages, heard by old and young alike, It would not come as a surprise if you find his songs among the recently played ones on your playlist.

With his first soundtrack for the movie ‘Roja’, not only did he win the National Award for Best Music Director, but also became a household name. From there to the Oscars, the 30-year-long journey of the ‘Mozart of Madras’ has been nothing short of fine tunes and high cresendos. 

Here are some of his songs that we can never click the ‘skip’ button on:

Source: The New Indian Express