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The perils of multi-level marketing

In a roller-coaster ride which began with Pasakara Nanbargal and continues with his latest Vilayattu Aarambam, which released this Friday, Yuvan has tried his hand at various genres. Since the time he stepped into acting after assisting his producer-father, Feroz Khan, in a few movies, Yuvan’s focus “has always been to put in honest effort.”

On his latest outing, Yuvan says he has done his best to get the body language of an IT professional right.
“Multi-level marketing is pretty popular with today’s youth. But the job works both ways. For some it’s a uyseful career, but on the flip side, there are many who do not follow the rules and play dirty.”

Managing to shed a few kilos for the role was no big deal for Yuvan, “after the experience in Ilami, where I had to put on a lot of weight, and take the bull literally by its horns in the jallikattu scenes. The period film was a wake-up call for me to try different genres, and take the medium seriously. My day will be made when I have an identity of my own. There is no short cut to success, which I am learning the hard way.”

On his character in Sattai, which made people in the industry take notice of his talent, Yuvan says the experience was “a shot in the arm in my fledgling career. Some interesting roles are coming my way now, but I’m consciously looking for opportunities where I can carry the whole movie on my shoulders. Artistes of my ilk, who’re still not too big, are free to chart our own journey without the unwanted baggage
of the numbers game.”

Source: The New Indian Express