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Parthiban to screen BTS video of ‘Iravin Nizhal’ before actual screening of film


CHENNAI: In what could well be a first-of-its-kind move, National Award-winning actor and director Parthiban says that he will first screen the making-of video of his single-shot, non-linear film ‘Iravin Nizhal’ for audiences before screening the actual film to them.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, director Parthiban, who has a penchant for pushing boundaries, said, “We will first screen the making video of the film, which will be almost half-an-hour long, to all audiences who come to watch my film. This will be followed by a short five to 10-minute break. After that, the actual screening will start and there will be no interval break during the screening then.”

Explaining why he had embarked on such a move, Parthiban says, “Most people do not know what a single-shot, non-linear film is. So, this video will enable them to appreciate the film better. Also, when I screened my film to some friends, I did not show them the making video. After the screening, some had a smile that gave away what they were thinking. Some thought that I must have shot different shots and edited them together. However, when I showed them the making video, they realised how wrong they were.”

But won’t this move take away the suspense element or won’t it give away the plot to audiences? Says Parthiban with confidence, “No, it won’t. The audiences will get to know where all the protagonist goes but they will not be able to find out the story or the climax of the film.”

‘Iravin Nizhal’ (which means ‘Shadow of the Night’, has music by Oscar winner AR Rahman and cinematography by Arthur Wilson. The film is all set to hit screens in July.

Source: The New Indian Express