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A new Tamil animation film in the works

Express News Service

A Tamil animation film titled Ponni, directed by Sibi Naayagam, an erstwhile associate of Sudha Kongara, is currently in the works. The makers have employed motion capture technology to shoot the film.

Talking about the germination of the film’s idea, Sibi shares, “I came up with the idea of Ponni around three years ago when I was studying writing and motion capture technology. I wanted to tell the story of a brave girl named Ponni, who is caught in a forest with a man-eating tiger, and the motion capture technology was the medium to achieve it.”

Originally conceived as an experimental student film, the filmmaker says that the production did not take long. “Shooting for the project took only a month, but the post-production took more than two years,” tells Sibi, adding that they are inching towards the completion of the post-production.

“It will take six more weeks to give final touches and polishing, post which we are planning to send it to film festivals.” In addition to directing the film, Sibi has also served as the visual effects supervisor.

Moreover, Cooku with Comali-fame, Pavithra Lakshmi and Meera Krishna have lent their voices to Ponni and her mother, respectively, while Sean Roldan has composed the music

Source: The New Indian Express