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Know why Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera is assigned for Justin Bieber’s safety


New Delhi: Just one day left for much-awaited India concert of Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber who has reached Mumbai today. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s personal bodyguard Shera has been handed  security arrangements of the Grammy award-winning singer. He will be guarding Justin personally with latter’s personal guard Mikey.

Apart from police, 1,200 security guards have been deployed for the safety of Justin.  Well! Do you want to know why only Shera has been given Justin’s safety responsibility?

Here is everything you need to know about Salman’s right hand Shera:

Salman Khan with his bodyguard Shera (Image- YouTube) Salman Khan with his bodyguard Shera (Image- YouTube)

Shera’s real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. It has been 20-years he is taking care of Salman Khan’s safety.

He has handled the security of several international stars including Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton, etc.

Shera’s salary is approx. Rs 5 lakhs per month. Apart from that, Salman gives him small monetary or property incentives on occasions like movie promos, award ceremonies etc.

Shera calls Salman ‘Maalik'(master). Shera’s impressive physique helped him to get into security services. In 1995, he first met Salman Khan in a party.

In a recent interview to English daily HT Salman said,’The Khan family and I are very happy for Shera. There is no need for any artist to be worried when Shera is around. He is very reliable and a complete no-nonsense person. A thorough professional, he is one of the finest in India and i swear by him’

An incident in Salman’s life when crowd got out of control at a show in Chandigarh forced his brother Sohail to look for a new and stronger bodyguard. This is when Shera came into the picture.

“Bhai ke saath hamesha rahoge (Will you always stay with my brother)?” Sohail asked Shera to which he said, “Yes”.

Reports say that in return to Shera’s loyalty, Salman Khan has promised that he would be a mentor to Shera’s son and will give him a role in his movie. Salman has dedicated an entire film ‘Bodyguard’ to Shera.

Salman Khan with his bodyguard Shera (Image- YouTube) Salman Khan with his bodyguard Shera (Image- YouTube)

Shera’s son Tiger is currently learning the ropes of Bollywood and assisting filmmakers. He was also an assistant director for ‘Sultan’ movie.

Watch ABP News exclusive interview with Shera:

First Published: 10 May 2017 01:28 PM

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