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Fatherhood Will Happen Soon: Ram Charan Teja


First published: December 19, 2016, 10:44 AM IST | Updated: 6 days ago

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Mumbai: Actor Ram Charan Teja, who has been married to Upasna Kamineni for four years now, says fatherhood will happen soon, but for now, he wants to just enjoy the company of his wife.

Asked about his fatherhood plans, Ram Charan said: “Come on, I am a just child myself!”

The 31-year-old added: “Give us more time to enjoy each other’s company. But yes, soon. Fatherhood will happen soon.”

What is the recipe of their marital togetherness?

He laughed and said: “I wish I knew. I am still trying to discover it. But I do know I wouldn’t exchange this life for anything else.”

Audiences have been gasping at Ram Charan’s physique in his latest Dhruva. What does he have to say?

“I have played the cop’s role before. The cop in ‘Dhruva’ had to be much more agile, far more fit and alert than any role I had played so far. I built the body that the role required. If it’s been appreciated, I am glad,” he said.

Source: News18