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‘Balu, Come Back’: Ilayaraaja’s Message for Long-time Friend SP Balasubrahmanyam

Renowned musician Ilayaraja has released a video message urging his long-time friend and singer SP Balasubrahmanyam to fight off Covid-19 and return from the hospital.

“Balu. Come back fast. I am waiting for you. Our lives are not just about cinema. They did not begin in Cinema, either. At stage concerts in far off places, we got together for music, which became the purpose of lives. Just like how music can be removed from the Swaras, our friendship will never die out…” Ilayaraaja said.

Balasubrahmanyam is currently in the intensive care unit of the MGM Hospital in Chennai. He was admitted on August 5. Late on Thursday, Balasubrahmanyam suffered from breathlessness and had to be given the oxygen support. According to the press release from the hospital, his condition remains critical and he is on life support.

Ilayaraaja and Balasubrahmanyam’s collaboration over decades has been celebrated by their fans. Infact, fans are often torn between choices when asked to name their favorites. Besides the blockbuster songs of the 1980s, both artists nurtured a glowing off-screen bond that seemed to grow stronger with every hit song the duo delivered.

In March 2017, Raja and SPB had a fallout. The musician demanded that he be paid royalty for any recreation of his songs at concerts. A legal notice was sent from Ilayaraaja, and the fandom mourned the denouement. However, the pair patched and performed together at a concert to celebrate Ilayaraaja’s 75th birthday.

It for this reason that Ilayaraaja’s video message to Balasubrahmanyam holds a special place for fans. Balasubrahmanyam’s son, SPB Charan, has put out a Twitter message expressing confidence that his father would fight off the disease.

Source: News18