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Filmmaker Bharat Bala captures lockdown  experience in new short film We Will Rise

By Express News Service

While Indians across the vast corners of our nation were held captive at home, filmmaker Bharat Bala and a devoted team of almost 15 film crews set out to capture the unseen world of our nationwide lockdown through a 4-minute film called We Will Rise.

The crews filmed across 14 states, covering thousands of kilometres, to document this watershed moment of global history. A master control room was set up in Mumbai, with a team working round the clock, coordinating with all the crews from across the country. 

The on-ground crews were directed live by director Bharatbala himself, confirming the shots and frames with instructions via video call or WhatsApp video. The film will be made available for streaming online on select platforms in June. Bharat Bala has previously helmed short projects such as Incredible India, the Jana Gana Mana music video, and the acclaimed Vande Mataram of AR Rahman.

Source: The New Indian Express