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The Zoya Factor’s ‘Fake News’ Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor

New Delhi: In yet another unusual promotional activity, the makers have released what a quirky video titled ‘Fake News’ is, where they talk about how the arrival of India’s Lucky Charm Zoya has replaced some of the most common good luck charms in the country.

The video starts with a news reporter talking about how Zoya’s arrival has brought changes across the nation when it comes to some of the most popular beliefs, following which the reporter gives three major examples of the same with the first being, how people aren’t afraid of black cats crossing their paths anymore, which is generally considered to be bad luck.

The second clip is probably the most relatable one where before exams, mothers usually feed curd and sugar to their children so they can score well but in this scenario, the child is seen replying that he has the ‘Zoya Kavach’ and doesn’t need sugar and curd, anymore.

The third and the final clip sees a field reporter talking to a driver who says he has stopped using the commonly used Lemon and chilli charm that keeps harm away and instead has started using a pendant with a picture of ‘Zoya’.
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The makers of the Sonam Kapoor starrer ‘The Zoya Factor’ have taken an unusual approach to promote the movie as the release dates inch closer and the fans are loving it.

‘The Zoya Factor’ is an unusual story of Zoya Solanki who is an advertising agent becoming a lucky charm for the Indian cricket team when she chances upon meeting the captain of the team Nikhil Khoda and how it starts raining luck ever since then!

The Zoya Factor is being directed by Abhishek Sharma, and Fox Star Hindi is producing it. The film is slated to release on 20th September 2019.

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