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Bigg Boss tried to portray me as a comedy piece: Kasturi Shankar

By Express News Service

After her recent elimination from the Bigg Boss show, Kasturi Shankar, as you can imagine, has quite a few things to say about her stay in the show. She talks about her disappointment on how she was portrayed, and her issues with Vanitha.

Did you speak with Madhumitha after you came out?

Kamal sir often said on the show that the Kasturi who was in the house wasn’t the Kasturi who was on the outside. I agree to a certain degree. But here’s what I didn’t do. I didn’t talk behind anyone’s back. I didn’t lie. However, I spoke a lot about social and regional issues. I was very vocal when Abhirami was facing issues. Similarly, I also spoke a lot when it came to Madhumitha. Why wasn’t it shown? Only Bigg Boss can answer that question. I cannot speak without the approval of the network, but when Madhumitha exited the show, it affected me more than it could have affected her. This show claims to show the true faces of the ones who enter it. But I found out the true face of this show on that day. Let us wait for her to speak.

You seemed to have quite a few issues with Vanitha.

First of all, I didn’t mean for what I said to be thought of as body-shaming her. She mistook it. Secondly, regarding the sneezing issue, I cook for myself since I’m the only vegetarian there. Even if I had sneezed like the way she claimed, why should she care? I was cooking for myself anyway. Moreover, she does even more unhygienic things while cooking. 

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You are known to be an extrovert, but you were relatively quiet during your stay. 

I spoke a lot. But the network has an understanding of what people should see and what people must not see. I was shocked that most of my conversations were edited out. For me, the journey to success should be reached with a certain degree of fairness. To attack someone mentally and emotionally, and to make a show out of that for people to view is something that is not right in my opinion.

You said earlier that you had packed for only two weeks. Did you know you wouldn’t stay longer? 

It was pretty obvious. It is not new that the wild card entrant gets nominated in the first week. I also anticipated that they would offer me the secret room opportunity. I am not allowed to reveal too much, but Madhumitha’s exit changed the dynamics of the show. It had an impact on all of us. That’s why I denied the offer of being in the secret room. 

You talk about a lot of context being lost in the edits. Did you not expect that portions would get cut going in? 

I did. But beyond that, I did not anticipate the magnitude of how much things would change. After Vanitha’s exit, I was sure that I wouldn’t be shown in negative light. But I think this is the first time in history that an evicted contestant has been brought back to the show. So it was clear that I was not delivering the content Bigg Boss was expecting. So I guess they tried to portray me as a ‘comedy piece’. However, this show has space to produce a lot of positive things. Those things weren’t shown. That’s my biggest disappointment. Everything goes according to a ‘plan’.

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During your time, it looked like you tried to advise Losliya regarding her equation with Kavin.

One of the two has true feelings and the other is just doing it to produce content. I tried to help the one who needed help. Again, it wasn’t shown.

If you had to summarise your stay in the Bigg Boss in a line…

Upside down. To tell you the truth, after watching Kamal sir’s entry to politics, his hunger to fight for good, I sought inspiration and decided to spread good ideologies through my participation in the house. Yes, he does speak a lot of good things every weekend in his first monologue. But I fail to understand why he devotes time for things like solving problems between Tharshan and Sherin.

Source: The New Indian Express