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INTERVIEW | My Bigg Boss takeaway is never trust someone too soon: Sakshi Agarwal

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Every single contestant who has came out of season three of Bigg Boss Tamil, has broken down upon hearing news of their eviction; everyone except Sakshi Agarwal. She ended her 50+ day stint with a smile on her face.

“During the first two weeks, several people broke down, especially Abhirami, who was taken care of by Sherin and me. I know others thought of me as being strong for not breaking down upon getting evicted.”

But she did break down a few times during her stint. “I remember it happened first on the day I taught them kickboxing. I got reminded of home, because Sundays at home were marked by the scent of coriander and fresh vegetables and us cooking and eating as a family. Inside the Bigg Boss house though, there was no such smell (laughs). So, I began went into a zone, and began crying.”

She also says it was an accumulation of the previous “six months of shoots, including for Sirai (a web series), Cindrella, (a film), advertisements, which all made me miss my parents even more.”

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Sakshi realised the value of her parents then. “I had taken my parents for granted. The motto of my life now, is to keep my mom and dad happy. They have given a beautiful life for me. After I came out of the house, I talked with them, and I don’t think I have ever spoken with them as much in life. Thanks to this stint, I think I am closer to them than ever before.”

It is part of why she considers Bigg Boss Season 3 to be her life’s biggest experience. “I learnt a lot about myself. It told me that even though one makes a lot of mistakes, it is only important to learn from them. That is the challenge.”

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I ask her if she takes responsibility for her mistakes inside the house given the presence of other influencers. “Yes, there will be influence based on the circle you surround yourself with. What you see me doing and saying in an hour, is a result of what happens during the other 23 hours. But I do agree that I am equally responsible. If they do try to influence me, it is I who is reacting, right? I am a matured adult, so I should know where to react and where not to.”

Her biggest mistake, as well as learning, boils down to matters of trust, she says. “My biggest takeaway from the Bigg Boss house is that trust is good, but never to trust someone too soon in life.” She says she never had any self-doubt in her decisions though. “I blindly trusted people without thought of repercussion. Only during the last few stages did I decide to step away from certain people.”

This stepping away started with Kamal Haasan stepping in to resolve the whole issue between Sakshi and Kavin. “I really liked that he respected my privacy and he said what he did. I think no one could have handled it better and I thank him for doing what he did.” Would she have liked to be in the secret room then? She did talk about needing healing time and breathing space. “I think it is better that I am not there in the secret room. I feel it is better that I come out of the house.”

She tells us she had already prepared to go home the day Reshma got eliminated. “I think both Reshma and Abhirami, who were in the nominations that night, really wanted to stay there. I didn’t. I was ready to exit because I wanted mental and emotional stability.”

When she did exit, Abhirami expressed a lot of grief. “I think when she does exit the house, we will still be good friends. But I still don’t understand her. From going from best friends with us then to being best friends with Madhu, then snapping at me for Mugen, then crying when I exited… I don’t understand which side of hers is true. Is it all or is it none?”

In addition to Abhi, she says Kavin and Losliya were unpredictable too. But she does remember her first day with Kavin as possibly the happiest day she ever felt inside the Bigg Boss house. “I remember him being possessive about me, and asking about not keeping a pottu. That…was nice. Oh, and also, I think the second happiest day inside the house is when I aced the captaincy task.”

Her captaincy week however was not without controversy. It was on her birthday that she had both happy tears thanks to a lovely video from her family, as well as sad tears, after Kamal showed the kurumpadam involving her and Meera Mithun that implicated her.

“Till date, I don’t understand the controversy around it. As a captain, it was my responsibility to provide a forum for her to address her grievances. But the onus of taking it or not, rests entirely with her.” That it came a day after her problem with Kavin is an unfortunate coincidence, says Sakshi. 

“As a captain, I have to be fair to everyone, regardless of my personal equation. Whatsoever problems you might have with someone, it is human to empathise with them. I can’t stand anyone crying, and I will go and console anyone at that point, even if it is my enemy.”

Source: The New Indian Express