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‘Yaamirukka bayamey 2 is on the cards’

Director Deekay, who made a successful directorial debut with horrorcomedy Yaamirukka Bayamey (2014), has confi rmed the sequel. However, he wasn’t sure whether he would be helming it. “I will be writing the script for the sequel but I may direct it or one of my assistants may direct it. It’s too early to tell,” Deekay told CE, confi rming that his next fi lm will be a dark comedy. Reacting to the rumours that Kajal Aggarwal has already been signed, he said, “Honestly, I haven’t locked the lead cast yet.

Kajal would be my fi rst choice but nothing has been fi nalised. It’s going to take another two weeks before we can offi cially announce the cast. What I can confi rm now is that it’s going to be a thriller with dark humour. I have just completed the script and discussions are underway regarding shoot and casting.” Asked if Nayanthara was originally considered for the project, Deekay clarifi ed, “She was supposed to work on one of my scripts which I had planned to give away to a production house. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fi nish the script and the plan fell through.”

Source: The New Indian Express