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Tribute to Mandolin Shrinivas on birth anniversary

Remembering music legend Mandolin U Shrinivas on his 48th birth anniversary, music director Devi Sri Prasad launched a song Gurave Namaha, on Tuesday. As an ode to the veteran musician, the song will be available online including iTunes, YouTube and other platforms. DSP tells CE, “Shrinivas anna was pure genius. If we talk about the history of Indian classical music, his name would be on top. I’ve composed this four-minute song in raga Keeravani, which was his favourite. Whenever he used to spot me at his concerts, he’d play the raga and smile at me.”

The music director recalls Shrinivas’ indomitable style, and says. “I can go on and on about his capacity and reputation as a classy performer and an excellent guru. In my recording theatre, I have two photographs – my father Sathyamurthy’s and his. Shrinivas was a friendly person. His public image was something to be appreciated. He became popular by winning the hearts of millions of music lovers,” he shares.

While the lyrics have been written by Sanskrit pandit Sri Jonnavitthula, there’s a video footage that has been compiled as well. “I conceptualised this song in a way that all the seven notes talk about the qualities of my guru. I wanted this song to be in Sanskrit and approached Jonnavitthula. Many fans of Shrinivas had sent us rare clippings of his from various parts of the world. I thank each of them for their contribution towards this,” he smiles.

Source: The New Indian Express