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Kangana Ranaut Exclusive I/v: “I’m Not Going To Fall At Anyone’s Feet!”, Also Confirms Mahesh Bhatt Did Throw Chappal At Her!

Kangana Ranaut spoke at length with ABP News reporter Vijay Vidrohi during her film ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ promotion in Delhi addressing the recent controversy that started over her ugly spat with journalist Justin Rao during film’s press conference last week. From praising Prime Minister Modi as an individual, to alleging ‘movie mafia’ charges money to promote actors, revealing that her great grand father was a Congress worker, alleging ‘movie mafia’ working as team with the media section who boycotted her and confirming her sister Rangoli Chandel’s claim that Mahesh Bhatt threw chappal at her years ago… Kangana gave a blasting interview to ABP.

Here are the excerpts:

Kangana was asked why she has been targeting media so much lately?

“I am angry with the section of media which has teamed up with the ‘movie mafia’ against me. By Movie Mafia i mean those who are not tolerant to the outsiders. And it is not now that they have turned against me, i have come this far only after battling them. I am the only top actress who has never worked with a top actor or a production house. I’ve done it all on my own. So it’s clear i never got any help from the ‘movie mafia’ nor do i seek.”

She further adds that it is the ‘movie mafia’ that runs the section of media which has boycotted her.

“It is the movie mafia which is running this section of media since they don’t have a say of their own and they are bought. They are working in a team. I’m doing it all for my survival. “

Her recent spat with the media community happened when, at the launch of the song, “The Wakhra swag” last week, Kangana questioned a journalist over his negative remarks on her last release, “Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi”. The Members of the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India (EJGI) on July 10 collectively decided to boycott Kangana Ranaut and demanded a public apology following the ugly spat between the national award-winning actress and a journalist. Post which she had posted a video blasting the journalists calling them “deshrohi, bikaau and dasveen fail”.

Here’s a vidoe message from Kangana to all the media folks who have banned her, P.S she has got viral fever hence the heavy voice ????…(contd)

— Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) July 11, 2019

MP Press Club Seeks Apology From Kangana Ranaut For Spat With Reporter

“I have many friends who have the Press card just to use it for parking. They are fake. While there are those in media who put their lives at stake to bring truth out, there also are those who are sold for money.”

And why is ‘movie mafia’ targeting Kangana? How does she make them insecure?

“They are movie mafia that’s why the actors fear them. They fall at their feet. They[actors] pay ‘taxes’. The newbies have to give a percentage of their earning to the big production houses. I got these offers too as they promote you, get you work, but you have to pay them 30 percent of your earning. I did not do it. I reached where i have on my own. And that’s why they have a problem with me”.

Does Kangana have any plans to join politics?

“My great grand father has been MLA for 15 years. So my family did have a political connection. I get offers from all the parties too. He was a congress worker”.

And if BJP offers you? You do feel connected to the party’s line of thought!?

“I definitely feel that the country, more than the party, i like our individual, Prime Minister’s[Modi] philosophy. He follows Swami Vivekananda, I follow him too so i do identify with him[Modi]. I don’t want to enter politics, i want to concentrate on movies.”

Do you think after the struggle you have gone though since the beginning has made you vengeful or you are doing it out of pride/arrogance?

“See! I come from a small city so there is no question of getting arrogant. I faced a lot of ‘ugly’ souls in my career.. like my sister[Rangoli Chandel] had also mentioned an incident happened with me when a filmmakekr[Mahesh Bhatt]had hurled chappal[slipper] at me just because i refused to do a film with him. I was only 19 yrs old. I was also harassed. So i realized that the people in the film industry could be rich, english speaking but they are shallow-minded. They should be treated what they are worth. I’m not going to bow down to them.”

Calling Kangana Ranaut ‘bachchi’, Mahesh Bhatt refuses to comment on recent social media attacks by her sister Rangoli Chandel

Does Kangana now believe that Bollywood needs her, she doesn’t and media needs her, she doesn’t?

“It is not like that Sir! It is wrong to say so. No one needs any one today. If i’m wiped out right now, the world will do just fine! I’m not under any wrong impression. But if i have found a place after all the struggle, i do want to make a difference!”

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Are you not scared that movie mafia could move you from the space you created for yourself? Do you have that fear?

“I have no fear, nor any greed. I deserve this space. I do not have to fall at anyone’s feet and i do not have to pay ‘tax’.”

Finally, she reasserts that she is certainly not going to say sorry to the media. And what she expects them to do now.

“I am not ashamed of doing anything and i am not going to apologize. If they could give a mature statement ‘hence going forward’, since it was a matter between two individuals.”

Watch the interview below: 

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