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‘Aadai’ trailer breakdown: Amala Paul dons quite a few avatars in this intriguing video

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The official trailer of Amala Paul’s upcoming survival thriller, Aadai, directed by Meyaadha Maan-fame Rathna Kumar, has dropped. Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap released the one-minute video on Twitter.

The trailer shows Amala Paul as a confident and independent girl called Kamini, with a proclivity for betting. She is equal parts arrogant, audacious, and artistic, as the film’s tagline claims. From riding a bike with a guy on the pillion to partying late night with male friends, she does everything that girls are unduly slut-shamed for in our patriarchal society. The editor teases us with random scenes from the film to construct an intriguing narrative.

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Amala and TV anchor Ramya Subramaniam seem to be colleagues who love parties. But, some untoward event happens in their lives. Amala dons quite a few avatars in the one-minute video, including that of the DC villain, Joker, and his girlfriend, Harley Quinn. In one frame, she is seen wielding a mechanical ax-saw, clad in blood-soaked nurse clothes, even as Ramya, dressed in a similar strange fashion, holds onto a bloodied, disfigured doll. So, are they on a revenge spree? 

With hardly any visual cues to explain the storyline, the sheer variety of shots makes it almost impossible to connect the dots. Earlier, the film’s teaser, which featured a shot of a nude Amala Paul waking up to trauma, raised expectations about the film, while still keeping the audience in the dark, regarding the storyline. 

Aadai’s trailer has certainly met the hype created by the teaser, and we hope the film manages to shock and surprise us the same way. With a runtime under two hours, Aadai was incidentally shot with live sync sound. The film has music by Pradeep Kumar’s band Oorka, while Vijay Kartik Kannan of Iravaakaalam-fame is handling the cinematography.

Aadai is expected to hit the screens on July 19.

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Source: The New Indian Express