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Over 300 artists, intellectuals come out in support of director Pa Ranjith

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: A total of 310 artists and intellectuals from across the country have signed a petition condemning the abuse of cine director Pa Ranjith following his remarks on the Chozha king Raja Raja Chozhan.

On June 5, Ranjith, speaking at an event in Thirupanathal near Thanjavur, criticised the Raja Raja Chozhan’s rule and held it responsible for usurping the land rights of oppressed groups.

Following that, Ranjith faced a backlash from pro-Tamil and communal groups who said Ranjith had disrespected the Tamil ruler Raja Raja Chozhan. Ranjith’s phone number and even his family pictures were shared on Twitter without his permission by politicians and communal groups.

‘’The arguments placed by Pa Ranjith aren’t particularly new. In fact, these arguments are based on the discussions that are on-going in intellectual and political arena brought into the discourse by Left historians, this view has been there in the intellectual and political spheres. While there might have been both welcoming and disapproving voices to such perspectives, the freedom and liberty to place them have always existed,’’ said a joint petition. The petitioners included activist Nityanand Jayaram, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) professor Nivedita Menon and film-makers Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, Lenin Bharathi and writer Leena Manimegalai among others.

Source: The New Indian Express