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Emily Shah’s Bollywood debut ‘Jungle Cry’ – The Roars of Underdogs to be echoed overseas

New Delhi: History is itself the witness that, the underdogs, who once showed the courage and a spark of passion, have won every battle and scar of life. Be it the game on the ground or off the field, there truly can’t be a prouder feeling to win the wars after being underrated. Yes, Indeed! And who doesn’t know that history repeats itself?

Jungle Cry, helmed by popular filmmaker Sagar Ballary, is exactly a depiction of an underdog story. The emergence of a rugby team of a bunch of tribal teenagers from the remote area of Bhubaneshwar, India to a global platform in the U.K. is the prime backdrop of the movie.

Abhay Deol, who is known for his spectacular screen-presence and easy-going acting, will be seen in the movie portraying the character, named Rudraksh Jena, the coach of the rugby team. The real-life character Rudraksh was a football coach at Bhubaneshwar’s Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS), where underprivileged tribal children are served with voluntary education, training, and other facilities under the giant initiative of Achyuta Samanta. Samanta, the founder of KIIT University, is regarded as one of the most prominent educational initiators of the country, and Jungle Cry is, of course, going to feature his struggles of life too on the screen.

The crucial point what makes the movie more exhilarating is that the unskilled team of 12 mere tribal boys only had four months to prepare for the tournament in the U.K. and still defeated the giant opponents with all their blood and sweat. Jungle Cry also features gorgeous Emily Shah, the famous former Miss New Jersey and the member of the crew teams of mammoth projects like Fast & Furious 7, Run All Night, Captain America 2 and others.

Jungle Cry beautifully frames how the underrated, if given a chance, can put their wining-flags high amid all the hurdles. Much like the rugby team illustrated in Jungle Cry, the first look of the movie’s trailer has already brought storms overseas and in the country as well.

A promising line-up of cast and crews and a huge appreciation of the first glimpses of the movie have surely set up a high expectation to the audience and film critics from the movie.

Altogether, we have enough reason to be hopeful that the jungle cats of India will cry loud across the globe.

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