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Kunal Kapoor’s ‘Noblemen’ trailer that takes on bullying, is hard to ignore!

Yoodlee Films next theatrical release – ‘Noblemen’, directed by debutant Vandana Kataria’, and featuring Kunal Kapoor, released their trailer yesterday (17th June). Promising a compelling story that will have audiences hooked and guessing at every turn, the trailer is one that is both in equal turns intriguing and relevant. Structured like a thriller psychological coming-of-age drama, Noblemen deals with the very important – but often hushed behind closed doors – the issue of bullying and its far-reaching consequences, especially on impressionable minds.

Watch the trailer link here:

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Shot in idyllic and serene Mussoorie against the backdrop of a prestigious boarding school, the story revolves around a 15-year-old boy – Shay (Ali Haji) and the relationships that he forges with his peers and teachers as he sets about navigating the tricky passageways of adolescence. He is terrorized by a gang of bullies in his school, as he has landed the leading role in the Founder’s Day production of Merchant of Venice. Baadal (Shaan Grover), senior to Shay, believes the part should be rightfully his, and he enlists the support of his best friend and school Captain Arjun (Mohammad Ali Mir), to help him overthrow Shay from the part, by resorting to harsh – and often times brutal – means. This sets forth a chain of events that leads to a loss of innocence, and life itself, with disastrous consequences. The talented Kunal Kapoor plays the role of a drama teacher in the school, who develops a sensitive relationship with Shay, as he helps him to prepare for the part and unwittingly gets caught in the dark game of supremacy that is taking place between Shay and his bullying tormentors.

There has been a concerning rise in reports in media of bullying in schools, colleges, and even offices. Bullying in any form and across all spheres – whether it’s the ubiquitous online trolling, body shaming amongst peers and colleagues, and even the recent #MeToo movement, has been rampant and has led to dangerous social and psychological consequences for the victim. There is a gaping lacuna in dealing with this in the societal narrative discourse – one that needs to be spoken about with action. In the wake of this, Noblemen is most aptly timed in addressing a thorny issue, which very few films have engaged in over the years

Kunal Kapoor elaborating why he chose to work in this film said: “Bullying and the subsequent mental, physical and emotional scars it leaves – is a theme that our movies haven’t really explored. In our movies, schools and colleges are usually perfect. But life isn’t. It’s the imperfect world that is real. This is about that imperfect world, and the challenges that kids face every day in school, that can either make them stronger or destroy them. It’s also an insider view of bullying, and the monsters it creates. My director Vandana, grew up in boarding and has seen and experienced many of the things you see in the film.

Director Vandana Kataria says: “I am extremely excited to be sharing the trailer of our film with you all. It’s an important film as it brings to light a social evil which seems to have become a norm, even more so with the advent of social media. We must all come together to stand up against bullying in any form. This film is a step in that direction seen through the adolescent eyes of its 15-year-old protagonist and the world he inhabits. I am lucky to have a talented ensemble of seasoned and new actors, and the backing of Yoodlee Films to translate this important story to screen.

Siddharth Anand Kumar, VP TV and Films Saregama India and Producer at Yoodlee Films say, “‘Noblemen’ is our second theatrical release this year after ‘Hamid’. Both films have a message for audiences, while Hamid talks about empathy, Noblemen talks about a lack of empathy, and how that can perpetuate a cycle of violence. The film is gritty and real, – a thriller/ drama which throws light on an uncomfortable subject like bullying. Sadly, bullying is very prevalent today, and it affects beyond schools and colleges to the workplace and even the family. We made Noblemen so that the issue of Bullying can come further into public discourse. We urge you to #BooTheBully and speak up.

‘Noblemen’ releases on the 28th of June in theatres.

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