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For the love of Mylapore

Express News Service

While shooting for director Chimbu Devan’s Kasada Tabara, heroine Regina Cassandra got to shoot in one of her favourite parts of Chennai — Mylapore. Regina and her co-star, Venkat Prabhu, had to shoot a song and a few scenes in the little bylanes of the popular South Chennai neighbourhood.“In order not to attract too much attention, the director planned a guerilla shoot with a minimum crew,” says Regina. “The idea was to shoot as fast as we could and leave before large crowds gathered.” 

Regina and Venkat had to walk on the streets for a montage song and sit in some of the small local restaurants dotting the area. The former enjoyed every minute of it. “I just loved the area! As we wandered the streets, the heavenly smell of freshly ground coffee and mallipoo filled the air. I love coffee, so I was on cloud nine,” she says, adding that she also enjoyed gazing at “the small poo kadais, the ancient temples, and the shops selling local and traditional wares.

Mylapore has such a unique air with its rich history and culture. It took me back in time. For the few days we were there, I just soaked in the atmosphere and revelled in it.”The actor also got a chance to explore some of Mylapore’s houses.

Since the area was crowded and the bylanes quite narrow, the actors could not use caravans. So, in-between shots, the actors would rest in a car nearby. But for changing clothes, the unit made arrangements for her to use a few homes in the neighbourhood. “The people were friendly, and this way, I got to explore from the inside, the unique architecture of the houses in the area.”

Source: The New Indian Express