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The man who sought greatness

Express News Service

‘This picture was taken at the launch of Karaikudi Narayanan’s Achchani, starring Muthuraman and Lakshmi. Mahendran (the late director) was the chief guest for that event. I shared an amazing friendship with him. In fact, I was the one who suggested the title, Uthiripookkal. He was a man of enthusiasm and energy. Cinema la edhaavadhu pannanum nu uthvegathoda irupaaru (He had an unquenchable thirst to achieve something great in cinema).

I always motivated him by saying, “Vitraadheenga Mahendran. Nalla pannunga” (Please don’t give up Mahendran. Give your best). During his early days, he was working as a scriptwriter for Devar Films, penning scripts for commercial films like Thanga Pathakkam. But when he made his debut as a director, he made it clear that all his films from that point should be nothing less than classics.

All the talent in him began to flow in the form of noble creations. Be it Mullum Malarum or Uthiripookal, his aesthetic filmmaking made his work stand out from the rest. Tamil cinema audience can never forget a creator like him. The space he held in the industry can never be replaced by any other director.’

Source: The New Indian Express