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Not your average dog film

Express News Service

Following Bharath’s Simba, Varalaxmi’s Danny, and Anbulla Ghilli, there’s one more dog film in Tamil in the making, and interestingly it has been titled Bow Bow. Debutant director Pradeep Kilkar tells us the film is about the bond between a five-year-old boy and a dog. 

“Unlike other films where dogs are made to perform stunts, Bow Bow is a film where the dog actually performs. You can sense the emotions of the dog in every frame without any extra detailing. The performance of the child actor Aahaan too will definitely be lauded by the audience,” 
says Pradeep.

The London Talkies production venture has already been screened at multiple international film festivals. “It also won multiple awards at the Love International Film Festival in Los Angeles,” the director adds. 
With music by Marc B Muse and Denis Vallaban (who has composed the background score), and cinematography by Arun Prasad, Bow Bow is expected to release in June.

Source: The New Indian Express