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Kasthuri Shankar turns cop for Salangai Durai’s upcoming thriller ‘EPCo 302’

Express News Service

Kasthuri Shankar, who was last seen in a cameo in CS Amudhan’s Thamizh Padam 2, will be playing Durga IPS, an assistant commissioner of police, in director Salangai Durai’s upcoming thriller, titled EPCo 302.

Salangai Durai, who has previously helmed the 2008 Karan-starrer Kathavarayan, says that the new film will be a police procedural.

“Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code deals with punishment for murder. EPCo 302 will be about how Durga IPS, played by Kasthuri, investigates and solves a high-profile homicide, when an unidentified corpse is found by the police.

A mysterious couple seek refuge in the police station seeking protection against an impending honour-killing. New clues are unearthed, which lead to the reopening of an old case of the spine-chilling murder of a bride. What if these three plot points meet? That will be the essence of EPCo 302.”

The film, which is currently in its final schedule, stars newcomers Naga Shakthi and Varshitha as the couple, as well as Vaiyapuri in a supporting role. With music by Malayalam composer Alex Paul and cinematography by Dhandapani, EPCo 302 is expected to get a release in June.

Source: The New Indian Express