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‘Kanchana’ hindi remake: Amitabh Bachchan to play transgender woman in Akshay Kumar starrer?

We just told you that Akshay Kumar has already begun shooting for his hindi remake of tamil hit horror comedy ‘Muni 2 – Kanchana’ with the song sequence ‘Bismillah’. Akshay plays the lead role of ‘Raghava'(portrayed by Raghava Lawrence) in the film who gets possessed by the spirit of dead transgender woman who wants to avenge her murder. Akshay finds it “Doing something I have never done before. Excited and nervous both” as his tweet read on Monday and which even made many believe he was entering politics. Now a new addition to the cast is the biggest star of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. Big B is reportedly playing the role of ‘Kanchana'(R. Sarathkumar in Tamil film), the transgender woman who is dead and possesses ‘Raghava’.

Kanchana Remake- Akshay Kumar begins shooting with Bismillah song, tweet “doing something never done before” was about ‘Laxmi’!

Sources inform Deccan Chronicle – Big B will be portraying the role of a trans-woman in the Bollywood remake of Raghava Lawrence’s Tamil horror comedy Kanchana- Muni 2. He will be reprising the role of Sarath Kumar, who played the critically acclaimed part in the Tamil version.

This takes us back to the iconic song ‘mere angne mein tumhara kya kaam hai’ from Amitabh Bachchan’s 1981 film ‘Laawaris’ in which he dons various female avatars.

In the original tamil version, while lead actor Raghava Lawrence(who has also directed, produced and written the film) as lead protagonist ‘Raghava’ occupies the maximum screen space, actor Sarathkumar as ‘Kanchana’ is also seen for sufficient amount of duration with major flashback tracks in the story. Interestingly, while Raghava shows his acting skills by only behaving like a woman in large part of the film, Sarathkumar on the other hand is a saree-clad transwoman throughout.

Raghava Larwrence in interview with DC, said – “Akshay Kumar and I have been in talks for a year and a half toying with the idea of remaking Kanchana in Hindi. And after several discussions, it has come to shape finally. I am improvising the script to suit the present times, Akshay’s image and also Bollywood audience tastes”.

And one major change in script for hindi remake tentatively titled ‘Laxmi’ is that while the lead character in the original film is a coward man who even fears getting out of the house post 6pm, in the Bollywood version the same man(played by Akshay) will be a strong one who doesn’t believe in the supernatural.

While Akshay is already creating waves by bagging ‘Kanchana’, knowing about Amitabh’s presence in it and that too in a trans-woman avatar, is making us very impatient.

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