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Narain is game for funny roles

Malayalam actor Narain, who rose to fame with Anjathe (2008), is donning the role of a bad cop in the heist-horror film Rum. The actor clarifies that this isn’t a regular villainous role. What made him say ‘yes’ to the film, however, was the script. Plus he has never acted in a horror thriller before.
“Mine is an interesting character. This is an ideal film to make a ‘comeback’ with. When I listened to (director) Sai Bharath’s narration, I decided to do the film, though I play the second lead. A film is as good as the team behind it,” he says adding that he had a blast working on this film. “I felt like going back to my college days. From the director to the producer, everybody is young.”

Last year, he had three releases in Malayalam, and now he has signed two more films in Tamil. Next week, he’ll start working on an untitled project, directed by Siddharth. He shares, “Rum’s cameraman Vicky is working on this film’s cinematography as well. I am playing one of the main (positive) characters and Shanthnu is playing an important role.”
Narain is also a part of is Atharvaa’s yet-to-be-titled venture. “I have a promising role to play and I come in the flashback portions,” he adds. So why haven’t we seen him on screen? “I was offered similar roles, and I feared getting typecast.” Interestingly, Narain wants to do more comedy films. “In Tamil, I wasn’t going to the next level. I am hoping, Rum will give that kind of break,” he avers.
He was introduced in Tamil with a serious character and that continued. “I want to do light-hearted and funny roles. That’s why I was happy when I came on board for Rum. I am a huge fan of Vivekh. Though we didn’t have many combination scenes together, I enjoyed acting with him,” he smiles.

Source: The New Indian Express