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Chiyangal to feature several debutants, all of them over 60 years of age

Express News Service

Kadikara Manithargal director Vaigarai Balan is back with a new film, Chiyangal, which stars several newcomers, along with yesteryear actor Nalinikanth in the lead. Interestingly, all these debutants are over 60 years old. Balan says his film will be a realistic representation of the life of the old people in the modern world. 

“Chiyangal is based on the emotions faced by the elders in all our families. It has seven main characters, and each one will remind us of the old people we come across in our lives. The film conveys the message that if people have a strong will to fulfil their ambitions in their old age, even death will hold off until they achieve their goals.” He goes on to explain the reason behind the film’s title.

“I could have easily named the film something like ‘Varuthapadadha Vayasanavargal Sangam’ to make it more commercially viable, but I felt Chiyangal would be the most apt title as we have shot the entire film in Meghamalai and the people of the region address their grandfathers as Chiyan.”The KL Production venture, which is currently in the post-production stage, has music by Muthamizh and is expected to release in May.

Source: The New Indian Express