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Chinmayi, Radikaa Sarathkumar condemn Radha Ravi for derogatory comments on Nayanthara

By Express News Service

There used to be a time when a promotional event for a film, be it an audio launch or a success meet, was mainly to hype up the film, and talk nice things about its cast and crew. Somewhere along the line, social media was invented, and the filmmakers took the old adage “any publicity is good publicity” too seriously. 

You had events where potential rabble-rousers, who had nothing to do with the film being invited to say “a few words”, which would then be splayed all over the next news cycle on various social media platforms. 

One such repeat offender is actor Radha Ravi, whose acerbic remarks have consistently been offensive, but had gone unchecked. However, his comments in the recently conducted trailer launch event of Nayanthara-starrer Kolayuthir Kaalam, has not gone down well at all.  

Nayanthara (Photo | File)

While we don’t want to give any mileage to the venom spewed by the actor in the guise of “observation” about the present state of Tamil cinema, his comments against Nayanthara are not just in poor taste, but downright libel. 

#Radharavi on stage#KolaiyuthirKaalam Trailer launch #Nayanthara#KolaiyuthirKaalam #KolaiyuthirKaalamTrailer @EtceteraEntert1 @DoneChannel1 @rajshriofficial @thisisysr

— Thiyagu PRO (@PROThiyagu) March 23, 2019

Following Chinmayi’s multiple revelations in the wake of the MeToo movement in India, she has not just been at the receiving end of his disparaging comments, but was also ousted from the Dubbing Union, of which he is the current president. The National Award-winning singer, who is waging a battle against him, with little to no support from the film industry, was among the first ones to call Radha Ravi out for his comments on the Lady Superstar, and urged the Nadigar Sangam and Producers Council to “take action, if they could” against him.

Been waiting since yesterday for *some* sort of a condemnation from the male actor fraternity in Tamilnadu since yesterday.
In this video Radha Ravi, President, TN Dubbing Union openly slut shames a female actor at HER movie’s trailer launch.
And not. a. word from anyone. Yet.

— Chinmayi Sripaada (@Chinmayi) 24 March 2019

Joining the outrage was Aval director Milind Rau, who vouched to “never work with this misogynistic person ever again”. 

Director Vignesh Shivn took to Twitter to express his outrage over this incident, and said, “Clueless and helpless because no one will support or do anything or take any action”. He mentioned in subsequent tweets that “none of us had any idea that this event was going to take place for an incomplete film”

Clueless and helpless cos no one will support or do anything or take any action against that filthy piece of shit coming from a legendary family .. he keeps doing this to seek attention! Brainless !
Sad to see audience laughing& clapping for his filthy comments!
None of us

— Vignesh Shivan (@VigneshShivN) 24 March 2019

None of us had any idea that this event was going to take place for an incomplete film .. the actual producers or directors left the film few years back I guess! Inappropriate event wit unnecessary people sitting and knowing not what to speak ! If this is called promoting a movie

— Vignesh Shivan (@VigneshShivN) 24 March 2019

Then it’s good to stay away from such events which don’t have any need but jus to give opportunities like this for jobless people to vomit some senseless , useless stuff on stage !
Anyways no one from Nadigar sangam or any sangam will take any action against him #Sad #state

— Vignesh Shivan (@VigneshShivN) 24 March 2019

Meanwhile, veteran actor and Radha Ravi’s sister, Radikaa Sarathkumar, took to Twitter to express her solidarity with Nayanthara, with whom she has shared screen space in multiple projects, including Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, and the upcoming Mr Local. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar wrote a series of tweets in protest.

Only when it happens to u, u will realise what we were fighting for..if all the industry women stood up with @Chinmayi or me or the countless women during #metoo may b things would have changed.. silence isn’t gonna get us anywhere..#timesup every single woman has to stand up..

— varalaxmi sarathkumar (@varusarath) March 24, 2019

Nayanthara is one of the few dedicated actors we hav today, have the pleasure knowing her and sharing professional space with her, she is above all this, did not watch full video , but met Ravi today and told him it was not in good taste at all.

— Radikaa Sarathkumar (@realradikaa) 24 March 2019

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Source: The New Indian Express